General Terms and Conditions of Zuchthof Klatte

Klatte Stud – Terms and Conditions 

All mare owners who make use of the stallions and services of the Klatte Stud EU-station (D-KBP-031-EWG) recognise the following conditions for all current and future business relationships. Moreover, the stud and insemination conditions of the Oldenburger Verband apply. The stud season begins on the 15th of February 2020 and ends on the 15th of August 2020. 

Semen Orders 

Please place orders for semen by 10 o’clock at the latest by phone (0049 4472 947 510), by fax (0049 4472 947 512) or via the semen order form on our website! For orders with HippoXpress by 8 o´clock only by phone!

The following details must be provided with the semen order: 

  • Desired stallion 
  • Name and complete address of mare owner with telephone number 
  • Complete address of the inseminating veterinarian/user 
  • Details of the mare: name, life number, copy of pedigree, breeding association 
  • Complete delivery address, if different 

Membership number of the breeding association where the insemination will be registered – (covering certificates should be submitted to us at the beginning of the breeding season) 


Stallions in their first breeding season, particularly young stallions, will only be entered in the main stud book once they have completed and passed the stallion performance test, after which foals can be formally registered. We will enter all stallions who are being used for breeding, but who aren’t yet entered in the main stud book, for the appropriate stallion performance test. Should a stallion not pass the test, we are not obligated to repeat the test. If a stallion does not succeed in becoming listed in the main stud book, the associations can only issue birth certificates. 

Availability and Ordering of Stallions at the Klatte Stud 

Within Germany, semen can be dispatched every day, apart from on Sundays and public holidays (according to region). Collection, however, is possible every day. With regards to very frequently used stallions the stud reserves the right to restrict the semen sample according to the insemination/mare, more specifically, priority will be given to the mares resident at the stud in Klein Roscharden. Nationally we prefer to send fresh semen. However, should a stallion be unavailable at short notice during the stud season, due to special reasons (competition, sickness etc), where possible we will offer you frozen semen, or upon request, the use of another stallion at the station. We will only invoice for the last requested stallion. Liability for damage during transit is excluded, complaints are to be lodged the following day, otherwise the transit will be invoiced. Semen will only be shipped abroad strictly with prepayment. 

Consignments via Hippoexpress to/from Holland, Belgium, France 

Semen deliveries on Saturday and Sunday are only possible with prior registration on Friday up to ten o’clock. Semen deliveries can only be sent abroad with a valid TRACES European health certificate. 

Stallions stationed abroad 

Semen from stallions who are stationed abroad can be ordered on any day apart from on Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays (restricted by region), that means that no semen can be collected on Sunday or Monday. Semen must always be ordered one day in advance by 10 o’clock. There is strictly no entitlement to additional portions per insemination. Charges for semen delivery are to be borne by the mare owner and are to be requested from us separately. Regarding import from abroad there will be additional costs for health papers, customs etc, the price of which shall be borne by the mare owner. Semen will be delivered via Night Express, and will be delivered the day after it was ordered. A delivery is behind schedule if it does not arrive on the following work day. Complaints must be lodged in writing immediately; otherwise the costs of delivery will be invoiced. 

International Import and Export of Semen 

Semen shipping costs as well as the related costs for veterinary certification are to be borne by the mare owner and will be charged at cost. 

Split Stud Fee and Payment for Delivery of Fresh Semen from Stallions listed in the Catalogue 

The Klatte Stud offers breeders a split stud fee: the 1. Insemination fee of 300,- EUR applies to the order of fresh semen from each of our stallions, is valid for the entire breeding season and is to be paid by the breeder with no exceptions. It covers the expense of semen collection and preparation of fresh semen, as well as costs for marketing and administration costs. There will be no entitlement to credit notes or reductions to the insemination fee. The insemination fee is due at the first insemination of your mare. Not included in the insemination fee are costs for veterinary certification, shipping semen, veterinary costs or livery costs.

2. The second part of the stud fee is the pregnancy fee and is due upon the confirmed pregnancy of your mare. The deadline is pregnancy at 60 days after the last insemination. The confirmation of non-pregnancy is to be provided by the breeder to the Klatte Stud, unsolicited, in the form of a written testimony from the treating veterinarian by the 1st of October 2020. Should the written veterinary testimony confirming non-pregnancy up to 60 days of pregnancy not have been provided within 14 days then the pregnancy fee will automatically be due. In the case of non-pregnancy the insemination fee will not be credited to the stud fee in the following year. 

Bank Account (Account holder is Henrik Klatte) 

Volksbank Lastrup IBAN: DE51 2806 7257 0012 2289 00 BIC: GENODEF1LAP 

Stud Fees, Costs 

The stated stud fees are final prices including VAT. In the case of insemination of two or more mares we offer more favourable terms (unless the stallions are from our partner stations). For more information please contact us. 

Embryo Transfer 

Embryo transfer must be registered with the first order. In the case of Embryo transfer the full stud fee is due for each successfully flushed embryo. The flushing veterinarian or the mare owner must provide details of the outcome of the flushed embryo. In the instance of multiple flushed embryos separate price terms apply. 

Guest Mares and Livery 

Stabling as well as turnout options are available. Stabling costs are 12 Euros per day per mare, turnout costs are 10 Euros per day per mare. Livery is at the risk of the owner; however the stallion owner is liable for damages caused by him or his agents, whether intentional or through gross negligence. To cover the risk of the livestock owner and livestock guardian liability (833, 834 BGB) the owner must take out liability insurance. 

Gynaecological Health Service 

Veterinarian Alexandra Klatte will carry out the health service daily, excluding Sundays and Public Holidays. If interested please contact us. The Klatte Stud assumes no liability in the case of insemination which takes place outside of our station. 

Frozen Semen 

Frozen semen will only be sent upon pre-payment and will be invoiced pro portion/straw and according to terms of use and mare. A portion forms an insemination made up of a number of straws on the basis of calculation during freezing. The splitting of portions is not allowed and will incur a fine of 2.500,- Euros. Use of frozen semen is at the risk of the mare owner/buyer, there is no entitlement to claim for compensation against the Klatte Stud. Frozen semen is only to be used in conventional artificial insemination or for embryo transfer. The use of semen for ICSI or other advanced reproductive techniques is only permitted with prior agreement.

For processing, the issuing of veterinary certificates as well as the shipping of containers with liquid nitrogen, we invoice individual costs. Should the container not be returned within eight days of receipt, the Klatte Stud reserves the right to invoice for the loss of the container at a cost of 1.200,-- Euros.

For forzen semen we calculate costs of 50,- EUR per order.

The price for frozen semen from all stallions who are available fresh is available upon request.

Visiting times on weekdays are 10.00 – 12.00 and from 14.00 – 17.00 or upon consultation. On Sundays and public holidays please only visit our stable in the morning. 

Area of Fulfilment and Jurisdiction 

Is Lastrup/Cloppenburg, for current or future claims relating to this business relationship. 

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